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Recent "From The Heart" projects to provide assistance to or to honor veterans.

Operation Care Packages

Wartime Nurses Recognition by Chapter #1
Saturday, September 27th at 11:00 AM Commander John Doherty kicked off an award program to honor nurses who were there to put us back together when combat duties turned ugly. 12 women from different branches of the nurse corps assembled to hear speeches and accept honors from Lt. Governor Jodi Rell , Mayor Marc Garofalo and Commissioner of Connecticut's Department of Veterans Affairs Linda Schwartz . Girl Scouts presented roses to each nurse. There were a few surprises in the stories the nurses told. Bernice Scott related that her husband of a few weeks showed up in her Mash Unit needing care for gunshot wounds received in an ambush in Vietnam. Dee Lippman explained that she and her husband joined the Army Med services together. He as a physician and she as a nurse. They served at Camp Oji Japan. Mrs Lippman presently teaches nursing at Fairfield University. Some of the nurses served during WW2, more in Vietnam one in Korea and one more in Desert Storm. After the speeches lunch was served and conversations filled the room. All were pleased with the affair.

Connecticut MOPH buys $13,000 Van Conversion
A collaboration between this organization and our National Service Foundation allowed us to replace one aging van at the VA Complex in West Haven. Each of the two Purple Heart groups contributed $6,500 to this project. For Connecticut MOPH, this was a banner year for receiving grants from our National Foundation. Each year we receive a $2,000 stipend for use at the VA and State Veterans Hospitals. On August 7th we received a monument worth around $6,000 to honor Purple Heart medallists. It is in place just off the I-95 Long Wharf Exit in New Haven. The dedication was officiated by State Sr. Vice Commander Bill Benson . George Noewatne from Chapter 103 (New Haven Chapter) was responsible for getting it done in time for Purple Heart Day, August 7th. Chapters and dignitaries gathered to honor those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Too often we despair over the accumulation of appeals in our mail for money. As far as the Purple Heart Service Foundation is concerned, we have seen the results in what we received from them. We accumulated $14,500 in funds and goods from the National Foundation. A nice return for Connecticut Veterans. The van mentioned above serves wheelchair vets who cannot get to the hospital for treatment. With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approaching, we will be spending more for food pantries and the like. We serve two VA Hospitals, one at West Haven and another at Newington as well as the State Veterans Home and Hospital at Rocky Hill. Veterans helping veterans is what we do. Thanks to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation.

Bingo For Patients at West Haven VA Hospital
Chapter #1 sponsored a Bingo at West Haven VA Hospital on November 26th. Canteen books (patients are able to exchange the canteen books for items they need in the hospital gift shop) were given to the patients as prizes for the bingo games. The chapter also provided the food, fruit, milk and coffee to the patients. Volunteers were Commander John Doherty, Jack Schwing, Richard Tonucci, Burke Ross, John Guisti Sr. and Frank Burleigh .