"Combat Wounded Veterans"
Military Order of the Purple Heart
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Department Headquarters , Contact Persons:
Leon Brown, State Commander (860) 669-8723
e-mail: misterbrown@sbcglobal.net

Al Meadows, State Sr. Vice Commander (203) 929-3357
e-mail: al.meadows@snet.net

Steve Kupecky, State Jr. Vice Commander (860) 872-2508
e-mail: grunt1967@aol.com

Ron Vedrani, State Adjutant 203 453-1385
e-mail: rvedrani41@comcast.net

Service Officer Stanley Trela (860) 594-6648

Connecticut Purple Heart License Plates:
Steve Kuprcky, State Sr. Vice Commander (860) 872-2508
e-mail: grunt1967@aol.com


George Washington Chapter #1, Derby
Contact Person: Burke Ross, Adjutant,
(203) 929-3115, e-mail: burkeross@aol.com

Chapter #51, New Britain
Contact Person: Irwin Lustig, Adjutant
(860) 523-7039, e-mail: irvlus@ comcast.net

Nathan Hale Chapter #103, New Haven
Contact Person: William Benson, Commander
(203) 865-5735, (203) 376-6576 cell, e-mail: wjbenson@yahoo.com

Major Elisha Hubbard Chapter #196, Colchester
Contact Person: Morris Bodine, Commander
(860) 639-1405, e-mail:

Badge of Merit Chapter #552, Enfield
Contact Person: Stephen Kupecky, Commander
(860) 872-2508, e-mail: Grunt1967@aol.com

Daniel Bissell Chapter #670, New Milford
Contact Person: Edward Farrell, Adjutant
(860) 868-7945

Homer E. Wise Chapter #1932, Darien
Contact Person: Evans Kerrigan PDC, Commander
(203) 655-3323 home, e-mail: eekerrigan@aol.com