"Combat Wounded Veterans"
Military Order of the Purple Heart
Joining - Eligibility

You are eligible if you have been awarded the Purple Heart Metal by the government of the United States.

Dues Schedule (see below) - Reasons for Joining - Members Benefit Plans - Critera for Award - Membership Application

Dues Schedule
Annual Membership (current year only) $20
Life Membership if under 60 years of age $125
Life Membership if 60-69 years of age $100
Life Membership if 70 years of age or over $75
Life Membership if have 100% service connected disability
(evidence must be submitted) $75

MOPH Life Membership Partial Payment Plan:
Minimun payment of $25, then subsequent payments of at least $25 with full payment due by June 30th of the current membership year.

Bad Check Fee $10, Effective 7/1/98