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Private First Class Henry Komornik, U. S. Army, 1943-45, European Theater, Normandy Landing, 8th Armored Div., 90th Infantry Div., Anti-Tank Gunner, Awarded 2 Purple Hearts
Spec. 4th Class Al Meadows, U. S. Army, 1965-68, Republic of Korea (DMZ) 1966-67, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68, Echo/HQ/Alpha Companies, 3rd Battalion 60th Infantry (Moble Riverine Force), 9th Inf. Division, Infantryman and Mortarman
Corporal Burke Ross U. S. Marine Corps 1942-47, Pacific Theater, L Co., 3rd. Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Div., Infantryman
Private First Class Jack Schwing, U. S. Army1943-45, European Theater,179th Infantry Battalion, 45th Infantry Division, Infantryman
Private First Class John Gusti, U. S. Army 1943-45. European Theather, 179th Infantry Regement, 45th Infantry Division, Infantryman
Gunnery Sargeant Larry Hoffa, U. S. Marine Corps.and Reserves Ret. Jan.1967 - Dec. 2003, Republic of Vietnam 1968-69, Echo Co.,2nd Battalion, 27th Marines, In fantryman, Paratrooper, Recruiter, Awarded 2 Purple Hearts
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Henry Komornik
Al Meadows .
Sr. Vice Comm./
To Be Elected
Jr. Vice Comm./

Burke Ross
Jack Schwing
Finance Officer
John J. Gusti, Sr.
Service Officer
Larry Hoffa
Sgt. At Arms
Joseph F. Wargo*
Welfare Officer
Pat Pepe, Esq.
Judge Advocate
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Joseph Wargo U. S. Navy 1941-47, Pacific Theater, Pearl Harbor Suvivior, U. S. S. Dixie, U. S. S. Whitney, Amphibious Landing Craft, Naval Support Group For Doolittle's Raid, Machinist Mate 1st Class, Awarded 2 Purple Hearts
Pat Pepe, U. S. Army 1943-45, European Theather, Anti-tank Platoon, A Company, 58th Armored Infantry Regiment, 8th Armored Division
Purple Heart Medal
Burke Ross Service